About Me

well hey there. 

three things i'd like to say first of all...

a.] you're automatically pretty cool if you're here. 
b.] you'd be even cooler and i will love you if you come back. 
c.] i would absolutely die if you followed my blog. so kill me. 

anyway, hi! i'm carrie. i'm from the USA, but i moved to the Netherlands last summer. i'm kinda lovin' it. this blog and you people are my loves aside from my guitar and my ukulele; it allows me to release the creative juices that get trapped inside during school and life. sometimes i have to squeeze them out...

i love music; sometimes i think my obsession is unhealthy. my musical addictions are Regina Spektor (the Reginasaurus), Ingrid Michaelson, Switchfoot, Jon Foreman, and Andrew Belle. quite the variety i know...

*for those of you looking for some new, good music for yourselves, go listen to the 500 days of summer soundtrack. now.

i've been told i have excellent 'mechanical skills' and am talented at making things with my hands, so that's what i do here, along with some baking, hair tutorials, etc.

oh and you'll see the evidence of some of my travels with my best buddy, my Canon PowerShot SX150 IS -- i love photography. it's that one thing i wish i was better at.

most importantly, i hope to use the gifts that my God has given me to bring him glory and bring a smile to his face and the faces of those i reach.

so please don't go. stay a while. if you really must leave, come again, i insist. i'll do my best to have something new for you. 

ciao!   : * 

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  1. and now I'm officially stalking you ;)

    1. so am I :D...shes amazing and i love this blog!!

  2. i really love the titile you gave to your blog, sice you inspirem me in making my own, i would like to know if you could tell me any suggestions for a nice and original title as yours :) :)

    1. thank you so much, you're so sweet! you make me happy. the name of my blog -- part of it is my old guinea pig's name (spice) and the other part is my nickname at home (carrot). carrot + spice = carrots 'n spice. so take something that means a lot to you and something else that you enjoy/like/are obsessed with/ a nickname/ etc and combine them in a catchy way. or you could make the title a catchy phrase that sounds nice. just a couple ideas. ;) i'm glad you like my little world and i hope you come back! you should become a follower! thank you. :*

    2. thak you so much for your help, your ideas are absolutely amazing...and of course I will follow you!!(as soon as I find out how :P)...this is getting like an addiction to me!! thanks a lot again :*:*

    3. i want to see your blog when it's started / ready! let me know what it's called and all that. :)

    4. sure!!! but first of all, I must find a nice name...it will probaly get me a while, but I'll do my best :)

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