Monday, January 13, 2014


what's in store?

this is not a post about how excited i am to dedicate my life from now on to this blog, or about how i plan on losing 5 pounds and am going to make this a vegan blog, or anything of that sort. 

in fact, i'm scratching this blog. leaving. moving on. 

don't get me wrong, i love DIYing, baking, hair tutorials, and all that wonderful jazz this blog was dedicated to. but the thing is, i've grown out of this blog. it's not my corner anymore. it's no longer my escape. i've experienced a lot of change over the past year and a half, and this is a part of my life that is no longer mine. i find no joy in posting here anymore; it's just a bad representation of me. and those of you out there will know that you cannot have a "hideaway" that does not inspire you.

don't worry, i'll be back. just, different. so have no fear world, carrie will be back and stronger than ever! check back this summer and hopefully i'll post a link to my new space. 

even as we speak, i'm learning all sorts of new things for the future blog and saving up for equipment...

it's time for a goodbye to the old carrot and spice. 

this is not a forever goodbye, this is a "so long for now."