Saturday, August 31, 2013

DIY infinity scarf

it's almost sweater weather! 

(sorry for the fuzziness... i was in a hurry since my camera was dying.)

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so first of all, let me tell you about a few things i love:
  • autumn. gosh, i love it. if i could freeze the world in any season, it would be autumn. 
  • sweaters. especially when they're too big for me. big sweaters make me feel small, a feeling i don't really get that much.
  • infinity scarves. they are so much easier to deal with, and i love how they draw the eye up towards the face.
  • the market. i went to the market on yesterday, and i got 2 large pieces of fabric for 1 euro each. it's one of the best cheapo deals i've ever found. i'm going back on wednesday.
there's all sorts of other things i love, but they don't apply to this post. 


for this scarf, you will need:

a piece of fabric -- cut it to  23 in x 70 in (58 cm x 178 cm)


a sewing machine (or i suppose you can hand sew it... it will take forever though)

hem the long edges of the fabric. these will be the sides. i did it with a zig zag stitch that went off the edge. it worked nicely.
then fold it so that you are holding the two ends lined up, inside out. (demonstrated at the top of photo). now simply sew it shut there.
turn it right side out so that the final seam is hidden and wear it with pride.

come again soon, i'll miss you immensely.


  1. You're so frickin awesome care bear

  2. Hey, I just wanted to say that I think your blog is lovely :)
    Also, you seem like a really nice person!
    Too bad you're living all the way in the south though :(

    Anyway, I don't comment very often but I'll keep an eye on your blog.
    Hope you have a nice day :)!

    1. thank you so much! i'm flattered. i'll definitely keep an eye on your blog as well. :)

      feel free to follow carrots 'n spice too!

  3. This is so beautiful, perfect for fall weather. I love the cream color. We would love to have you share this at
    our Saturday Link Party. Each link will be shown on two blogs! Made From Pinterest and Bakerette It starts Fridays at 3pm, hope we see you there!

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    1. hi! i would be absolutely honored to join the fun, however, i'm a little bit confused. basically, i put a link back to Made From Pinterest at the bottom of this post and then share the link on Friday on your site?

      carrie marie