Wednesday, July 24, 2013

picnic addiction

they really are a blast.

i'm so sorry i've been gone for so long. i was in the U. S. of A.! that's right, i went home and i was so busy. i really wanted to blog, but i didn't have my laptop or anything, so i couldn't. but now i'm back. 

so my friend and i had a reunion of our discipleship group (well, it was reuniting me with my girls since they were already together.) anyway, she and i spent the day handmaking pretty much everything and it was so fun! the food was so yummy! 

so here are some of the photos, and i'll do my best to attach the recipes. 

 so here's the spread. we didn't really have a color scheme, but oh well. 

 we got the general idea from this: Pressed Picnic Sandwiches

 this was actually watermelon limeade. super refreshing & we had to use mason jars. of course. then a touch of washi tape improves everything. 

 strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and mint with a dressing of raspberry vinaigrette & lime juice. 

recipe for Handmade Pesto. however, with this recipe, i wouldn't put in as much cheese as she suggests - it wasn't as pesto-ish as normal pesto. [that makes total sense, i know...]

i love love love carrot cake. i have a thing for carrots i guess. ;) we just needed more mason jars in the picture, so why not bake cake in a jar? so if you want to make Carrot Cake In a Jar, go ahead.

these were just as yummy as they look. they're deadly. adorable on the outside, overwhelmingly tasty on the inside. we ran out of sugar, so we couldn't sprinkle it on the outside... that would've just killed me of tastiness. so here's your ticket to tastebud heaven : Strawberry Rhubarb Mini Pies.

we got nothing but compliments when it came to food and decoration and all. everything here is delicious. believe me, i like food. i would know. ;)

thanks for coming! i'm hoping to be posting a lot more now that my summer has fInaLLy begun. 

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