Monday, July 29, 2013

fabric flowers

slip it on a bobby pin, safety pin, or whatever you fancy. 

they're really simple and they just so happen to be really versatile and cute. 

materials: fabric, needle, thread, template, buttons, scissors
here's a template... i had to borrow it from someone else because i don't know how to put a template on the computer and all that... save the image and enlarge it when you print it to make the flower the size you want. 
trace the template onto the fabric. you need 4 different fabrics, 3 flowers of each fabric. 
12 flowers in total, when they're all cut out.
for the base, take one of each pattern and stack them on top each other. 
then take another of the flowers and fold into a petal. fold in half.
and then fold it in half again to make a heart shape. 
sew on the petals.

you can sew the petals, either of these ways.

sew the button on the middle.

stitch a small loop in the bottom to put a bobby pin in, or simply glue it onto a pin/barrette. 

come again soon!


  1. I love it!! I'll try it with felt since I don't have fabric at the moment.

    1. hmmm either you'll have to modify it or use very thin felt. let me know how it turns out!

  2. Hey Carrie...I haven't tried to make the flower yet, but I just wanted to let you know that I found your blog last night and fell in love with it!
    I'm crafty myself and it's nice to see someone about my age that is too!
    I definitely let you know how my felt flower turns out;)