Monday, July 29, 2013

fabric flowers

slip it on a bobby pin, safety pin, or whatever you fancy. 

they're really simple and they just so happen to be really versatile and cute. 

materials: fabric, needle, thread, template, buttons, scissors
here's a template... i had to borrow it from someone else because i don't know how to put a template on the computer and all that... save the image and enlarge it when you print it to make the flower the size you want. 
trace the template onto the fabric. you need 4 different fabrics, 3 flowers of each fabric. 
12 flowers in total, when they're all cut out.
for the base, take one of each pattern and stack them on top each other. 
then take another of the flowers and fold into a petal. fold in half.
and then fold it in half again to make a heart shape. 
sew on the petals.

you can sew the petals, either of these ways.

sew the button on the middle.

stitch a small loop in the bottom to put a bobby pin in, or simply glue it onto a pin/barrette. 

come again soon!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

from shirt to headscarf

turn something old into something new. 

*** NEW BLOG: Timberwolf . head on over once you've finished here. thank you! ***

grab a shirt/skirt/whatever that's ruined or old that you just can't part with. we're going to turn it into a really cute headscarf.

the shirt i used was missing too many buttons, so it wasn't wearable any more. so i saved it from my friend's trash can, and now i have an adorable headscarf. 

so here is the before-mentioned shirt... i still have most of the material since i only used the bottom edge. 
measure three inches from the bottom hem, and mark a few dots to guide your cutting. 

cut off the bottom 3 inches of the shirt. you'll now have a long strip of fabric with the shirt's hem and a raw edge. clean it up by hemming it. 
before you sew the hem, pin the edge to hold it in place. 
sew the hem. it's easy. just a straight line. 
after hemming it, you're done. i hope you can see how i wrapped it by this photo. it's a double wrap -- but you twist it and bring it back to the same side when you cross them at the top. i hope that makes sense... i'll do a tutorial on it later.
 (sorry i accidentally wrapped it so the messy side shows... whoops)

come by again, ya hear?!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

memory jar.

a creative way of reusing those jars and cans.

my mom handed me an old coffee can and said, "here, do something with this." and so i covered it in pretty paper and now i fill it with good things and memories from the years i live here in Holland. when i move back home to the USA, i'll now have a lot of memories stored up that i can read. yay!

so next time you have a jar or can around, you can do the same with memories, good or funny things that have happened, or your favorite verses or sayings.... whatever floats your boat.

here is the previously mentioned thunderstorm rolling in... the strangest cloud i've ever seen. it looked weirder in person -- it looked like it was going to eat everything in its path. 
another view from my window.

well, i'm enjoying the storm by sitting in a window listening to the rain. with my laptop. i know that's really smart. anyway, yesterday i had some fun ombre dip-dyeing shirts; i'll have a post up soon about that.

come back soon!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

picnic addiction

they really are a blast.

i'm so sorry i've been gone for so long. i was in the U. S. of A.! that's right, i went home and i was so busy. i really wanted to blog, but i didn't have my laptop or anything, so i couldn't. but now i'm back. 

so my friend and i had a reunion of our discipleship group (well, it was reuniting me with my girls since they were already together.) anyway, she and i spent the day handmaking pretty much everything and it was so fun! the food was so yummy! 

so here are some of the photos, and i'll do my best to attach the recipes. 

 so here's the spread. we didn't really have a color scheme, but oh well. 

 we got the general idea from this: Pressed Picnic Sandwiches

 this was actually watermelon limeade. super refreshing & we had to use mason jars. of course. then a touch of washi tape improves everything. 

 strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and mint with a dressing of raspberry vinaigrette & lime juice. 

recipe for Handmade Pesto. however, with this recipe, i wouldn't put in as much cheese as she suggests - it wasn't as pesto-ish as normal pesto. [that makes total sense, i know...]

i love love love carrot cake. i have a thing for carrots i guess. ;) we just needed more mason jars in the picture, so why not bake cake in a jar? so if you want to make Carrot Cake In a Jar, go ahead.

these were just as yummy as they look. they're deadly. adorable on the outside, overwhelmingly tasty on the inside. we ran out of sugar, so we couldn't sprinkle it on the outside... that would've just killed me of tastiness. so here's your ticket to tastebud heaven : Strawberry Rhubarb Mini Pies.

we got nothing but compliments when it came to food and decoration and all. everything here is delicious. believe me, i like food. i would know. ;)

thanks for coming! i'm hoping to be posting a lot more now that my summer has fInaLLy begun.