Wednesday, May 1, 2013

prettifying pencils

who knew it could be so intense?

ok, so some people love plain ol' yellow number 2 pencils. the kind you have to sharpen (remember those?). but some people like them all fancy-dancy. 

so here's 3 different ideas for fancifying those pencils. 

washi tape. 

this is the least time consuming method. a word of advice: don't use clear washi tape. the yellow kind of shines through as shown on mine. :/

take a strip of washi tape as long as the pencil.
line it up with a ridge on the pencil and the metal edge, and wrap it around the pencil. 
depending on how wide your washi tape is, it may take 2 strips (mine did).


ok, so you don't really belong here if you don't like just a little bit of glitter in your life. trust me i'm not a sparkle, glitter girl. i like the rough stuff. BUT, a little part of my heart still loves glitter. <3

modge podge is magical. i love it; but it smells weird... if you don't have it in your country (i have it in the netherlands but it's rEalLy expensive) you can sub it with a homemade mixture of 2 parts white glue, 1 part water. 
paint on a coat of modge podge
sprinkle/dump/pour glitter over while it's wet.
paint on another layer of modge podge and another layer of glitter. then another layer of modge podge as a seal.

tada. it glows.

scrapbook paper

this is probably my favorite. because these didn't fail. :P and i love scrapbook paper.

modge podge once again folks.
mark the length of the pencil (from metal edge to tip).
measure the width of each "ridge/side" on the pencil and make a strip for each side the same width. 
cut 'em out and glue 'em on with modge podge.
make sure the end is touching the tip, and pressing down, run your finger down the strip.
seal it all with a layer of modge podge. 

dang, those are some fine pencils you just made.

(oh yes, i'm feeling so photogenic today... that's sarcasm i assure you.)

i love y'all. keep coming back. there will be more. <3 

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