Friday, April 26, 2013

whales whales everywhere

gotta love a whale or two. 

so lately i've been experiencing and obsession with whales -- probably because they've accepted me as one of their own in the last two weeks. everyday, i've just felt like a beached whale. i've been exhausted. 

i told a friend about my idea for this project, but i was having trouble picking the right animal to go in my room... my friend suggested a whale, and i though, "oh yes. perfect. >:)" 

so here we go.

grab some scrapbook paper, an animal stencil (google images ftw!), a glue stick and some fishing line (i changed my mind from this gold twine stuff... fishing line works best)
trace the animal on the back of the scrapbook paper. make 2 sides of the whale. (this means you will have to flip the stencil when you trace the 2nd side... logic i guess.)
cut 'em out. yay two sides! glue them together with the fishing line in between. 
cut the fishing line the length you want it 
hang 'em up somewhere. mine don't look how i imagined they would be, but that's because i didn't spend much time on them. you get what you put in. :P 
then take weird angled shots of them. :) 

i <3 whales...  cheers!

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