Sunday, February 10, 2013

gotta love bracelets.

another fancy twist to the friendship bracelet. 

these are cute, easy, and they fit right in with the valentine's day frenzy. they would be perfect for a little gift for some friends. 


scotch tape, 2 colors of embroidery floss, a pair of scissors

AlRiGhT, here we go. 

cut 4 strands of each color. each strand should be at least 2 feet long (probably longer)
tie a knot at the top of the 8 strings and arrange them in a mirror image of each other. the color of the heart should be on the outside.

The Forward Knot

form a "v" with the outer string and the 2nd
then loop the red through the back of the "4" and pull to the knot at the top. do this 2 times each string
(i know this picture is awful - i'm so sorry. if you need a better explanation of the knot search "friendship bracelet forward knot" and you should find what you need.)

*the backward knot (the one starting from the far right and going towards the center) is just the forward knot, but backwards. creative right? :P

*work the forward knots from the left to the center and then the backward knots from the right and then do a backwards knot in the middle: it will look like a "v"

Ok, now for the heart.

so do the first "v" of a friendship bracelet 
then a blue v
this part is weird. take the blue string (that was the 2nd string) and do a backward not on the left side and a forward knot on the right so that the blue is on the outside. 
then leave the blue on the outside and take the red and finish the v.
now take the red and move IT to the outside. ^same as before with the blue^
finish the v with the blue
then do a normal red v. it's a heart! :)

and there you have it. go ahead - wear it with pride! ;)

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