Saturday, February 2, 2013


i love 'em. almost as much as wolves.

this summer, when i was in Nederland, Colorado visiting family before we moved, i stayed in the
mountains and got to see a lot of amazing wildlife: wildflowers, deer, birds, rabbits, and beautiful sunrises. but the best of all? foxes. one in particular though. he was a black fox and he liked to hang around the house we stayed at. he was pretty darn cute and he let me get really close to him. so i took the opportunity to take plenty of pictures of him. 

well hey there.

this is one of those sunrises i was talking about... got up pretty early in the morning with my dad for this one. but, hey it was worth it! 

this is one of my favorite photos i've ever taken.
please don't go!
oh, so long for now...

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