Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy valentines day!

some of my dear forest friends would like to say 'hello.'

happy valentine's day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

french 4 stranded braid

"challenge accepted," she cried.

ok, so i've wanted to know how to do this for a while now. so i decided to try for the 2nd time this morning. and it worked. so here's a "how to" video. 

oh p.s. i hate imovie. absolutely hate it. -_-

Sunday, February 10, 2013

gotta love bracelets.

another fancy twist to the friendship bracelet. 

these are cute, easy, and they fit right in with the valentine's day frenzy. they would be perfect for a little gift for some friends. 


scotch tape, 2 colors of embroidery floss, a pair of scissors

AlRiGhT, here we go. 

cut 4 strands of each color. each strand should be at least 2 feet long (probably longer)
tie a knot at the top of the 8 strings and arrange them in a mirror image of each other. the color of the heart should be on the outside.

The Forward Knot

form a "v" with the outer string and the 2nd
then loop the red through the back of the "4" and pull to the knot at the top. do this 2 times each string
(i know this picture is awful - i'm so sorry. if you need a better explanation of the knot search "friendship bracelet forward knot" and you should find what you need.)

*the backward knot (the one starting from the far right and going towards the center) is just the forward knot, but backwards. creative right? :P

*work the forward knots from the left to the center and then the backward knots from the right and then do a backwards knot in the middle: it will look like a "v"

Ok, now for the heart.

so do the first "v" of a friendship bracelet 
then a blue v
this part is weird. take the blue string (that was the 2nd string) and do a backward not on the left side and a forward knot on the right so that the blue is on the outside. 
then leave the blue on the outside and take the red and finish the v.
now take the red and move IT to the outside. ^same as before with the blue^
finish the v with the blue
then do a normal red v. it's a heart! :)

and there you have it. go ahead - wear it with pride! ;)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

hair bows

I've been craving them lately. 

today is my first day of carnival break. i have nothing to do except chores. 
so I decided it's time to tackle this hair bow project. 


fabric scrap [9 1/2 inches (24 1/2 cm) x 7 inches (18 cm)], needle and thread, scissors

Now let's get goin'. 

measure and cut your fabric

fold it in half longways, with the edges slightly overlapped.
fold it the other way, with the edges slightly overlapping once again.

flip it and scrunch/pinch the center until you're satisfied with the results.
stitch through the center where you pinched it until secure. 
get a small strip of extra fabric.
take the small strip and once again, fold longways
wrap  the folded strip around the center of the bow
stitch it shut in the back.
^hey lookie there - it's your very own bow!^

And there you have it. now try wearing it. 

(i just slipped a bobby pin through the back of mine)
there you go, that's my natural hair in all it's glory. :P 

see ya, guys! hope to bump into you again soon. :)

it's a bit awkward taking pictures of yourself, so sometimes you just have to have a good laugh.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


i love 'em. almost as much as wolves.

this summer, when i was in Nederland, Colorado visiting family before we moved, i stayed in the
mountains and got to see a lot of amazing wildlife: wildflowers, deer, birds, rabbits, and beautiful sunrises. but the best of all? foxes. one in particular though. he was a black fox and he liked to hang around the house we stayed at. he was pretty darn cute and he let me get really close to him. so i took the opportunity to take plenty of pictures of him. 

well hey there.

this is one of those sunrises i was talking about... got up pretty early in the morning with my dad for this one. but, hey it was worth it! 

this is one of my favorite photos i've ever taken.
please don't go!
oh, so long for now...

braided bun

ok we're going to try a hair post now...

this is my first attempt at a hair tutorial -- let's see how it goes.

every time i wear my hair in this bun, i get a lot of compliments and "HOW DID YOU DO THAT??!" i explain how simple it is, and then they say, "oh i don't think i could do that." believe me: you can. :)

Here goes nothin'. 

brush out your hair, or if you're me, straighten it first... 
gather it into a high ponytail. wherever your ponytail is, that's where your bun will be.
divide the pony in half and braid both halves as far as possible. you can secure the ends with clear elastics, or temporary elastics and then pin them later, like i do.
take the messier of the 2 braids and widen it by gently pulling: this will be your base braid
take the braid you just widened, and wrap it around the base of your ponytail (make sure the other braid stays in the center). pin in place.
now take the smaller braid and wrap it around the pinned braid bun. 

pin in place.

all you have to do then is tuck away loose fly-aways you don't want or possibly embellish it if you like. (i have a tutorial coming on the flower in my hair...)

so there you have it! easy as pie. good luck!