Sunday, September 23, 2012


i honestly don't know what else i can call it. 

so this is probably the most random artwork i've done in a while. but it's kinda different. kinda cool... so have fun! it's easy as pie. ;)

so grab:

a piece of paper
some pens, colored pencils, markers, etc.

here's my brand new COLORED SHARPIE PENS!!! :) i love them. 
draw a curvy line with about 8-9 dots - DON'T space them evenly!
draw semi-circles going both directions... sometimes they start to look like pistachios. :) make it messy! they'll naturally lean and grow and shrink.


you can either color them all in, or i just doodled in some random ones to give it a pop of color.

and there you have it... one of the easiest doodle/drawing projects ever!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Bit of Sad News.

i had to give up somebody special. :(

so as i told you before, i moved to the netherlands a few weeks ago. unfortunately, that meant i couldn't bring along my lil buddy Spice. since this blog is named after him, i thought that i would just share that with you. 

i'll miss him so much, and i know he'll be very happy in his new home! love you buddy!!! <3

**photo creds to me brother**

Saturday, September 15, 2012


some photos for you.

i know, i haven't blogged in a while. and i also know i promised pictures. so 3 weeks later here they are. :) i've been busy with getting a bike, starting school, learning the layout of the town, etc, etc. but i'm now alone with my laptop (well, and michael bublĂ© :D ) so here you go. i present to you random shots from Maastricht. 

somehow i know i won't be mugged in this alley...

this is just an everyday street. nothing you would find in america. 

a natural soap/cosmetic store with beautiful colored soaps with a lovely fragrance. 

more soapiness.

i found the best store ever. called buttons and beads. can you guess what they sell?

a whole table of beads, a 3 walls of buttons. i can see more projects coming...

this would have been tea party heaven when i was 5. :)

so there's some of my photos. i must admit, i haven't had my camera out as much as i should. i'm still trying to take it all in. once i find my camera cord, i'll post some from Koblenz, Germany. 

have a nice day!