Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Crayon Melty Thing

a pop of color to add to your world.

yes, i'm doing the melted crayon on canvas thing. you've probably seen it on Pinterest, etc. and yes it IS super easy. 


box of 64 crayons (supposedly Crayola works best. i used Roseart)
glue gun 
hair dryer
sharpie (optional)

Step 1: line 'em up

line the crayons up in the order you want them on the canvas.

line them up...
the queue...

Step 2: glue 'em on

slide them off (keep them in order) and grab your hot glue gun. one by one glue them on along the top of the canvas, or in whatever design/layout you preset them in. 

Step 3: doodle?

this part you don't have to do. buT i doodled a little umbrella in the corner of mine. you also do words -- your name or something else. it's up to you :)

Step 4: melt 'em

now for the fun part. i would take this part outside if i were you. put newspaper or a box under the canvas and prop it up against something. 

plug in that hair dryer and heat the crayons up. slowly move the hair dryer side to side across the canvas.

the finished product.

then just snap some shots.

and be ├╝ber proud of your beautimous creation. 


  1. okay i have a question... why can't i doodle and then glue my crayons on? aaah this is so confusing! hahaha just kidding carrie these look great and i just now figured out how to subscribe!1!

  2. thanks and i'm glad you figured it out! ;) <3