Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Crayon Melty Thing

a pop of color to add to your world.

yes, i'm doing the melted crayon on canvas thing. you've probably seen it on Pinterest, etc. and yes it IS super easy. 


box of 64 crayons (supposedly Crayola works best. i used Roseart)
glue gun 
hair dryer
sharpie (optional)

Step 1: line 'em up

line the crayons up in the order you want them on the canvas.

line them up...
the queue...

Step 2: glue 'em on

slide them off (keep them in order) and grab your hot glue gun. one by one glue them on along the top of the canvas, or in whatever design/layout you preset them in. 

Step 3: doodle?

this part you don't have to do. buT i doodled a little umbrella in the corner of mine. you also do words -- your name or something else. it's up to you :)

Step 4: melt 'em

now for the fun part. i would take this part outside if i were you. put newspaper or a box under the canvas and prop it up against something. 

plug in that hair dryer and heat the crayons up. slowly move the hair dryer side to side across the canvas.

the finished product.

then just snap some shots.

and be ├╝ber proud of your beautimous creation. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Starfish Mani

a little summer mani.

i was doing my nails and attempted to make a flower... well it wasn't working. so i made a change of plans, and turned it into a starfish. 

all you have to do is put a generous dot of paint in the center of the nail. take a toothpick or a bobby pin and move the paint out in 5 directions to make to make the 5 legs of the starfish. take a bobby pin and put a few dots in the corner of the other 4 nails. let it dry and cover with a clear coat.

and you now have uber cute nails for the summer. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Carrots 'n Spice

the story behind the blog.

well... you may be wondering why my blog is called "Carrots 'n Spice." it's kind of a quirky name, but there's a reason. My nickname is Carrot, and i have a guinea pig named Spice. hence the name "Carrots 'n Spice!" 

anyways, since i loVe photography, i thought i'd do a photo shoot of my lil piggy Spice. he's kind of the cutest thing ever!:)

this is Spice on the day i got him. his snack was the size of his little head. :)

the world is a big place for a guy this small.

an antique filter on this one.


he likes to sit perched on my shoulder... he's a confused parrot or something.

so that's my little guy and an introduction to my photography skills. thanks for stopping bye!

Monday, June 11, 2012

A Fishtailed Friendship

a fun twist on the normal friendship bracelet we all know and love. 

*** NEW BLOG: Timberwolf . head on over once you've finished here. thank you! ***

ok, so i love bracelets in the summer! and these are especially fun and colorful. you can customize them, and change up the color combos... how fun! and best of all, they're SO easy. <3

so here goes nothin'.


  • 5+ different colors of embroidery floss
  • scissors
  • tape or binder clip (something to hold it in place while you work on it)

Step 1: choose your colors! 

  • get creative! think outside the box.
  • suggestions: rainbow!, sailor (red, navy, teal, coral, and white), pastel, peacock feather... the possibilities are endless!
  • hint: it's usually best to have a dark color to make the bright ones pop.

Step 2: lay it out.

  • arrange the floss in the order you want the colors to be. lay them in a mirror image.
  • tie a knot at the top. (the color order may get a little messy when you tie the knot, so adjust them quickly)
  • tape it to a hard surface (your leg works if you can't find a table or something)

Step 3: fishtail

  • take the outside color of the left side and cross to the inside of the right side.
  • do the same for the right side.
  • repeat this until it's the length you want.
  • it will be a tad bit hard at the beginning and may look a little messy, but it'll clean up. trust me. :)
outside to inside

once you get going....
this is a close up of the texture

Step 4: finishing touches

  • tie a knot to finish it off.
  • tie the 2 ends together around your wrist.
    • optional: you can braid the ends before you tie it onto your wrist.

there's my rainbow one! <3

i apologize for the bad photo quality -- everywhere i went there was poor lighting. 

thanks for stopping by, and i hope you enjoyed!